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Welcome to Karuṇā

Karuna Yoga Studio was founded in 2019 at the heart of Gading Serpong (Tangerang).

Karuna has been more than just a yoga studio, it has been serving as a sanctuary for people who want to catch a breath from this fast-paced modern world, which can be physically and mentally exhausting.

Karuna is here to help you find yourself again through our yoga classes. We offer all who come to the studio, an opportunity to heal, to connect to oneself, to open up towards inner transformation and of course to achieve that body goal.

Karuna invites all of you regardless of age to come and practice yoga. Our priority is delivering you a healthy, safe, engaging yoga practice and making sure that you leave our space feeling more mindful, more comfortable in your own body and more empowered.

dr. Viona Vabella

Medical Doctor & Yoga Practitioner

Very satisfying! Instruktur nya benar-benar akan guide, even though it's your first time yoga. Every pose is not just another pose, tapi harus benar-benar tepat sasaran dan diperbaiki pose yang salah sama instrukturnya, studionya sangat nyaman and zen feeling! Definitely my favourite yoga place in Gading-serpong!


Karuna Yoga Studio offers both public and private training session. We offer various yoga classes ranging from classes which are more active to classes which are more calming and healing.


In Karuna, we have a group of dedicated, passionate and certified yoga teachers to support you and your yoga practice.


Spaces are limited in our studio, so make sure you sign up for your yoga class in advance. 

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An exciting campaign for our monthly yoga event in which Karuna seek collaboration with coffee shop/ restaurants / spaces that have outdoor area.

#Karunagoesto event is usually conducted on the beginning of the month and at different places. It always starts with a one-hour yoga session followed by breakfast/ brunch. #Karunagoesto has visited spaces around Gading Serpong, BSD and Alam Sutera so far. 

Bringing yoga practice closer to all Karuna folks out there!
Come and join us. Follow our Instagram so you won't miss our next #Karunagoesto event!


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Follow our Instagram (@karunayogastudio) or join our Whatsapp group to stay connected.

We will share posts about special offers, trainings, community event and sometimes a lil chat about all the things wellness.



Karuna Yoga Studio welcomes corporates, brands, community and teachers to check out our space for renting or collaborating.








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