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Intro to Yoga

1 hour

An ideal class for those who are new to Yoga. Basic yoga poses with simple breathing and discussion on the basic alignment techniques.

Gentle Yoga

1 hour

This is the class for those who are looking for easy and light stretch. It is a slow flow with basic poses. It is perfect for those who want to slow down and connect to the inner self.

Vinyasa Flow

1 hour

Vinyasa Flow synchronizes breathing and movement. It is a practice of strength, flexibility and balance. A good cardio exercise as it challenges practitioners' stamina.

Morning Flow

1 hour

Gentle vinyasa flow in which it combines gentle stretch and dynamic movement with breathing exercise and meditation. Everything you need to ease you into a blissful day


1 hour

This is the traditional style of yoga. The focus is on the union of the body, mind and spirit. Practice of each asana (pose) is followed by a rest to increase self awareness. 


1 hour

This is a Vinyasa Flow combined with repetitive poses / High Intensity Interval Training. Heart health is improved and it is effective to burn fat as well as toning your body muscles.

Yoga with Weights

1 hour

A powerful and flowing yoga sequences accompanied by handheld dumbbell weights. Sequences are designed to focus on burning fat, building strength and toning entire body.

Fly High Adventure

1 hour

Powerful and strength building class. This class is designed for practitioners who love challenging poses. Be prepared to have fun in an upside down world.

Acro Yoga

1 hour

Acro Yoga is a dynamic flow of yoga together with basic acrobatics. It can be simple and complex at the same time. You will definitely have fun from that flying and trusting experience.

No partner or acrobatics experience required.

Kids Yoga

1 hour

Yoga for children. The class is designed to enhance strength, flexibility, coordination, body awareness, but in a fun way. It also improves their concentration and sense of calmness. Class includes age-appropriate games, animal sounds and creative names for poses.

Yin Yoga

1 hour

Yin Yoga is a therapeutic style of Yoga. The focus is on the breathing and releasing muscles tension. Poses are held for longer duration than the normal dynamic yoga and use gravity to help go deeper into the poses.

Yin Yang Yoga

1 hour

Yin Yang Yoga is the combination of Yin Yoga with the dynamic Vinyasa Flow. It begins with Vinyasa Flow then cool down with Yin poses which are designed to open up the body physically and energetically.

Myofascial Release

1 hour

Stretching with ball therapy techniques. Gentle therapeutic pressure is applied to improve flexibility, mobility, relieve pain and muscular tensions.

Senior Yoga Class

1 hour

Best form of yoga for older adults. This class combines gentle stretching, classic static yin yoga with a touch of therapeutic ball techniques.

Restorative Yoga

1 hour

This is the class designed to bring relaxation and balance in the body and mind. Props are often used in this class to give gentle release and rejuvenation.

Yoga Nidra

1 hour

This is a conscious relaxation practice which intend to induce deep relaxation physically, mentally and emotionally.

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